Template to share

Template I used for colour challenge

Get it Here

I have only saved it in PSd…


Looks like this is going to be my new blog…

I will be moving all my stuff over to here in next couple of days..

But I am a mad scrapper, more digital than traditional these days..

I am also teaching myself how to do all the wonderful things that most of the designers

I love to use make, so I will be putting up freebies as well….

Thats it for now..

Its Still Broken :(

Well its still not letting me in, but it seems to let me post.. I have reported the problem, there is several others experiencing this as well and getting the same messages..
I have read through all the questions and answers but couldnt find anything that tells me what it could be or how to fix it..
The group discussion on the problem have come up with some interesting theories…
One being that all our accounts have been hacked, but I dont think I would be able to get in at all if that was the case…
I havnt added anything new in the last few days so I dont know what it could be..
May be later today I will have an answer…
If anyone reading has any idea I would love to hear..
This is the message me and everyone who has tried to view my blog has recieved..

We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code and additional information.

Additional information

host: forevermorecreations.blogspot.com
uri: /

This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

Anyway, I am the kinda person that if something is broke, and I cant fix it, then there is no point hanging onto it, get rid of it and start again :)…
Already picked out new template..
Ok so that is my gripe for today..
Now on a brighter note, I finished this today..

Template:Just Linda ©Kimb’s designs
Paper Kit:Bloomin Spring Super Digi Kit
Barbara LeMay © 2007 and beyond
Font: Enviro
Now lets see if it lets me post this…

Latest Entry

Credits: Page Kit Used:BE NEUTRAL PAGE KIT © 2007 EvaK Designs™ Search By Designer Here:
or Here:
or Here
Torn Mat Altered-Torn Templates ©”Sweet Genevieve Designs”
Word Art-©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations
(fonts used to create-Freebooter Script
& Ennobled Pet.)

Wow I dont even know if anyone is going to see this, I can log into my blog, I can access the dashboard, I can hopefully make a post, but I cannot see the blog, just keep getting an error message, have tried every which way but to no avail..
I have discovered that someone else is having the same probs as well..
I have requested help, so now I will just have to wait and see what evolves..

So on the subject that I wanted to post about, here is my animal challenge entry for May..
I have also done a colour one, but I really dont like it.
I dont know I just found it really difficult to do a page only using red purple and blue, and while it is a challenge those 3 colours on their own, in my mind need something else ..
So here it is, you can be the judge… hehehe notice the gold *shhh*

Page kits used..
Grab bag ©”designs by krista”
Background paper:and ribbon & flower embellishments From Page Kit: Dragon Jewels
©Swheat Creations
© 2007-2008 Forevermore Creations
Font Used: Envrio

If I can get into my blog properly I will upload the template later..
Have a great one…

Freebie-Live,Love, Laugh Buckles

I am slowly trying to learn how to do things,
anyway, cos I was trying to do all my own things for a template I got bored and played around and these are the end results..
Hopefully you can find a use for them..
I have zipped them in 2 separate files this time..

Get the PNG Here
And PSD Here

Happy Creating..
And Lori Thank you 🙂

My Winning Entries

I would like to say the competition was thick, but it wasn’t, Hopefully this month is going to be much better with more entries..
But for now I have been told to take a bow on these 2 entries..

April Sketch Challenge
1st Prize
Paper Kit Used:Beautè Feminine
©“Verena Karolyi Desings”
OF digitalfreebies.com
Word Art Was Created by me..

Colours Challenge-(Black & White)
2nd Prize

Credits to:
Paper Kit: Black Tie Affair
©Nicole Birdeau-Rabalais
” Green Elephant Designs “
Template Behind Photo: Get The Edge 2
©Syndee Nuckles 2007

Wondering where? Here

I am waiting for the files to upload for the freebies,
have to say dial up is so slow 😦
then I shall put them up..
Have a wonderful one 🙂

Sketch Challange Entry

Template Courtesy Pencillines.com ©Anna Louise Bowkis
Edge Template: Get the Edge 2#3 ©Syndee Nuckles 2007
Paper Kit: Froggy Land © Stacy Carlson
Word Art Created by Me using Font: Fairydust ..
Flower embellishments created in ps 7 by me..

Have a couple of freebies to get up, will try put them up later..
I attempted to do a page curl, but not really sure how it done lol..

Looking For Some Challanges?

I enjoy doing scrap booking challenges..
Here is just a few that are happening here…
Your welcome to come play 🙂 But in order to see the gallery you will have to register, Its both digital and traditional scrappers.. So here is just a couple up for May, there is heaps more and tons of things to do..

May Sketch Challenge

Sketch being used courtesty of Pencillines.com
Theme is open
Closes 31st May 08

May Colour Challenge
3 Colours -Red,blue,purple
Closes: 30th May 08

May Numbers Challenge

One Photo, and my creations

I took this picture last year, but I keep messing around with it.. Its a statue and the last pic might freak a few people out.. I like to play 🙂 I have also stated in my profile that I am a survivor, so all I can say is sometimes just may be this is what visits me in my dreams erm ok nightmares..
Only leading up to and after court cases these days 🙂
Gipsy is how I sign my digital art work, so no I havnt swiped it from anyone..lol
Please also remember my work is copyrighted, so just ask if you want a copy…
Anyway feel free to comment if you want, I am so comment less lol
Loving Light and have a funtabulous weekend…..

Left Thinking:
©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations..

©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations

Demon of My Dreams
©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations

Word Art Freebie-Then & Now

I created it using “Harrington Font” and its been clear embossed so its clear but will pick up what ever you put it on as in my page underneath..
I zipped it in PSD & PNG formats..
Someone left a message on my last one, saying they hoped it worked in PND? I think it was, I dont know what that is..
So if someone wants to let me know, I will endeavour to save in that format as well.. I still only use PS 7.. I am so ancient and behind the times lol
Anyway enjoy and dont forget if you want to link me to your layout I would really love to see it..
loving light
opps nearly forgot you can collect it here.

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